Case for Replacing Familiar Feeder Convinced Even Production Line Staff

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Summary of the solution

  • Kubota’s gravimetric feeders satisfied all performance and cost requirements.

  • By testing demo feeders at the Feeder Technical Center, the team was able to verify their performance and ease of use.

  • Kubota feeders came with comprehensive after-sales service that included training on feeder operation.

  • The replacement of the existing feeders enabled ongoing high-performance and reliable operation, thereby ensuring that clients were no longer inconvenienced.

The Solution

Testing at Kubota’s Technical Center Convinces Manufacturing Team of Feeder Capabilities

At around this time, the employee happened to hear about Kubota feeders from another manufacturer, and decided to get a quote for his reference. The quote surprised him: the Kubota option clearly had better cost performance than the manufacturer's existing feeder.

"While the specifications were more than sufficient, it was important to convince the factory team that the feeder performed well and was easy to use. We approached the Kubota agent to ask if we could see a demonstration unit, and were invited to participate in an operation test in the showroom," says the employee.

Straight away, the employee and several members of the manufacturing team visited Kubota’s Feeder Technical Center, at which they performed tests using the same materials actually used by the manufacturer. The outcomes were impressive, with the digital load cell enabling consistent control and highly precise dosing, even with hard-to-handle materials.

The results convinced even those members of the manufacturing team that had opposed replacement. Based on the test results, a request was filed to approve the replacement proposal, and it was later decided that the manufacturer’s existing feeders would be replaced with Kubota models.

"At the beginning of the replacement process, many in the manufacturing team complained that they didn't want to have to learn how to work a whole new set of controls. However, as more and more employees realized that the feeder's digital load cell was resilient to noise and thermal changes, making three-corner adjustment a breeze, as well is learning of all the feeder's other advantages, one month after the introduction of the new feeder the factory employees were also singing its praises, saying that it was easier to use than the previous model and improved productivity. It looks like our days of causing trouble for our clients are behind us," says the employee.

Now, several years on, the manufacturer uses a training program offered by Kubota's Feeder Technical Center to train its new recruits. The feeders continue to operate reliably, and everyone on the factory floor is satisfied that they will be able to continue to use Kubota's feeders with peace of mind.

"It was great to be able to solve the repair cost issues we had been worried about. I wish we had replaced our feeders sooner," says the employee.

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