Pellet Screening System


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  1. High screening accuracy by adopting high resolution sensor camera.
  2. Available for screening transparent pellets in high accuracy.
  3. Easy operation with touch panel in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

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For the quality improvement of plastic pellets

Automation screening

Super PLATON II detects black spots or off-color contaminants as small as a tenth of a millimeter in a stream of resin pellets, using four high-resolution sensor cameras. It is suitable for both in-line and off-line applications. 

Wide range of materials can be screened

For example, PET, PBT, POM, PS, PP, PA, PC, ABS, PBT, PE, PPS, PVA, SAP can be screened and the throughput capacity of the system is stated at 400-1,000 kg/h.

Screening procedure

1. Put material into a hopper.
2. Vibration feeder feeds material.
3. Material falls through a chute.
4. Material is lit up by LED.
5. Two cameras inspect material from front and rear.
6. Eject material which is detected as contaminations by air.
7. Collect ejected material.
8. Good materials flows down to good material side.


Model KP-50kT
400 ~ 1000 kg/hr
Monochrome CMOS line sensor camera × 2+RGB color filter
Reject ejection High-speed air valves x 20
High luminance LED
(Straight pipe type × 4, Surface emitting type × 2)
Accuracy*2 99%
Material flow adjustment mechanism Vibration feeder
Material alignment mechanism Flat chute and flat cover with special coating
Operation panel 7.5inch VGA color liquid crystal touch panel
Outside dimensions 517mm(W) × 958mm(D) × 1722~1814mm(H)
Weight Approx.175kg
For domestic
AC100 V
For overseas
AC120 V ~ AC220V
Electric power consumption 250 W
Compressed air consumption*4 300NL/min
Operating temperature range 0ºC ~ 40ºC
Camera resolution 0.03 mm

*1 Max. throughput varies depending on characteristics, shapes and concentration of contaminants.
*2 Indicates the separation accuracy when the ratio of different-colored pellets (red or black) mixed into natural-colored pellets (milk-white or white) is less than 0.1%.
*3 If power supply is more than 200V,relay substrate,pilot lamp,changing varistor substrate and adding transformer according to power supply are needed.
*4 Air supply in a compressor needs 350 NL/min (0.6Mpa).

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