Vibratory Gravimetric Feeder


reiya-17 reiya-17


Resin pellet, Fluff, Glass fiber, Carbon fiber


  1. No damage of material by minute vibration feeding.
  2. Fiber materials rarely untwine.
  3. Feeding proceeds smoothly without any fluctuations in flow rate.
  4. Little residue remains after discharge, so cleaning is easy.

Outline Drawing



Model Flow rate range Hopper capacity Weighing capacity Trough width Feeder weight Power supply
CE-V-1D(-MP) 10~150L/h 25L 30kg 60mm Approx.59 (89) kg 220VAC,1phase,0.3kVA
20~400L/h 100mm
CE-V-2D(-MP) 10~150L/h 50L 30kg 60mm Approx.62 (92) kg
20~400L/h 100mm
CE-V-3D(-MP) 80~1000L/h 100L 100kg 150mm Approx.150 (200) kg 220VAC,1phase,0.4kVA

Specifications in parenthesis ( ) are for models unitized with control module KF-M3500


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