Gravimetric Liquid Pump Feeder


reiya-17 reiya-17

Applicable materials

Various liquids such as demineralized water, flame retardant, lubricant


Room temperature to maximum 120℃ thermal retention

Maximum discharge pressure

7MPa (gear pump), 15MPa(plunger pump)

Outline Drawing



Model Flow rate range Hopper capacity Weighing capacity Feeder weight Power supply
CE-L-1D 0.1~180L/h 25L 25kg Approx.120kg 380V AC, 3 phase,
power line 1.5 to 4.5 kVA,
heater 2 kVA
CE-L-2D 3~270L/h 50L 50kg Approx.150kg
CE-L-3D 5~540L/h 100L 100kg Approx.210kg 380V AC, 3 phase,
power line 1.5 to 11 kVA,
heater 3 kVA
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