Twin Screw Gravimetric Feeder

NX-T12 / Micro Feeder

Micro Flow Rate Feeder

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  1. Highly accurate and stable feedng at micro flow rate from 10mL/h to 10 L/h.
  2. Wide material application from pellts to difficult powders with innovative design.
  3. Easy maintenance design.

Material Feeding Video

Disassembly Procedure Video

Innovative Design

Negative Wall Angle Structure

Improvement of anti-bridging function because material compression decreased by negative wall angle design. It handles wide material applications.

Structure for High Screw Fill of Material

Improved of screw fill of material because agitator push material into screw part. Compare to our conventional equipment, it achieves accurate and constant material flow.

High Performance

Application Bridging NX-T12 Flow capacity
Pellet None ++ 10mL ~ 10 L/h
Glass fiber None ++
Resin powder Week ++
Additives Week ++
Talc Medium ++
Calcium carbonate Medium ++
Titanium dioxide Strong ++

Main specifications

Type of feeder Twin screw feeder
Model NX-T12E-MP
Flow rate range 10mL ~ 10L/h
Weighing hopper 6L
Weighing capacity 3kg
Minimum graduation 0.01g
Drive unit Sensorless servo motor
Weighing unit Platform scale (Digital load cell type)
Materials Parts in contact with bulk materials: SUS304
Control module KF-CM + KF-D20
Weight Approx. 50kg
Power supply 220~230V ±10% (50Hz/60Hz)AC, 1 phase
Power capacity 0.5kVA


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