Filler feeding by weigh belt feeder

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Filler feeding application by weigh belt feeder (screw feeder combination type) at plastic compounding company.



– Planning to expand a new production line, however the installation site has limited space
– No enough height to install loss-in-weight type screw feeder
(Screw feeder requires charging tank and valve above it)


Installed weigh belt feeder for powder feeding (screw feeder combination type) and solve space problem as weigh belt feeder does not require either charging tank or valve.

Feeding Movie

System Layout


Customer Testimonials


Our biggest problem was how and where to install talc feeder because we had limited space. KUBOTA proposed us a wonderful solution to install “weigh belt feeder”. They executed a feeding test using our actual material at Feeder Technical Center. We were able to confirm its ability and decided to install it.
We are glad that we consulted with KUBOTA !

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