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Maintenance time saving by easy disassemble design feeder

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PC powder feeding application by NX feeder at plastic compounding company.



– Need a lot of time to disassemble and re-assemble the feeder when cleaning or material changing
– Not satisfied its feeding accuracy


Install NX feeder
– No need to use tools to remove a discharge tube, screw and hopper
– Achieve high feeding accuracy by combination control of variable speed sensorless motor and KUBOTA-in-house manufacturing digital load cell

Feeding Movie

System Layout


Customer Testimonials


We are satisfied with not only the feeding accuracy but also KUBOTA super visor because they trained our operators very politely ! We can improve our productivity by saving the cleaning time thanks to KUBOTA’s easy disassemble design.

Introduction to that product

Twin Screw Gravimetric Feeder NX-T

Innovative Design Feeder

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