PET Transparent Pellet

Screening Black Spot and Discolored Contaminants

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Pellet Screening System application example of PET Transparent Pellet at plastic manufacturer



Black spotted contaminants were found at their customer’s place, then all the products were returned. They must have checked every bag one by one before shipment and remove the bad materials. However, it needed many times and people to check it.


Install KUBOTA Plastic Screening System “Super PLATON II”
– Able to remove many contaminants automatically
– Able to prevent the shipment of defectives

Contaminants Example Photo


Discolored Pellet


Black Spot Pellet (over 0.5mm)


Black Spot Pellet (0.3mm to 0.5mm)

Customer Testimonials


We lost long time for removing contaminants pellet. In addition, manual inspection was not correct and there were many screening error because it was handled by human. Now, we can ship our products after 100% inspection and we don’t have any more returned products. We can improve our product quality.

*Screening rate is different by each case and depends on materials and capacity. Please feel free to request sample test.

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