Resin Pellet

Large flow rate feeding by weigh belt feeder

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Company M

Weigh belt feeder application example of typical Resin Pellet at plastic compounding company.



Installed new extruder of output over 4ton/h
– Installation site has limited space and height for installing
– No enough height to install loss-in-weight type screw feeder with large flow rate for resin pellet


Installed “weigh belt feeder” and solve space problem
– Achieve cost saving because weigh belt feeder doesn’t need
“Refill Device” at the top of feeder
– KUBOTA weight belt feeder achieves high feeding accuracy

Feeding Movie

System Layout


Customer Testimonials


We only used loss-in-weight type screw feeder of other brand and it’s our first time to install weigh belt type feeder on KUBOTA’s recommendation. We worried to use weigh belt type, however KUBOTA’s weigh belt feeder is easy to use and very good quality! We are also satisfied that we could save installing cost of whole system. We will consider to install weigh belt feeder again for other lines.

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