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Taste and Texture of Plant-based Meat Fell Short of Expectations

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The key to achieving consistent quality was precision dosing with a gravimetric feeder.

Summary of the solution

  • Kubota’s gravimetric feeders can provide continuous high-precision feeding of a constant amount of raw materials.

  • The performance of Kubota feeders can be evaluated using actual ingredients.

  • The superior accuracy of Kubota feeders meant that other companies in the industry were already using them. Kubota was also known for their excellent service.


Easy Setup and Highly Accurate Dosing Manufacturer went with a feeder that was already used in the industry

The chief engineer asked a representative of an extruder manufacturer how other companies involved in manufacturing meat substitutes managed. The representative told her that other companies in the industry use gravimetric feeders, and referred her to gravimetric feeder manufacturer Kubota. She contacted Kubota, and a Kubota representative immediately paid her a visit to explain the company’s gravimetric feeder range.

“The rep informed us that the Kubota gravimetric feeder enables precise control over the volume dispensed through the extruder and the proportions of various ingredients in the mix. By utilizing components like load cells, it detects weight and adjusts rotation speeds, effectively minimizing fluctuations in raw material supply. This precision in blending aligns seamlessly with our requirements. Additionally, we learned that this system has been successfully integrated into the mass production lines of other Plant-based meat manufacturers,“ explains the chief engineer.

When the engineer said that she wanted to verify the feeder’s performance for herself, the rep proposed a dosing trial. The engineer visited the Kubota test center with the ingredients that would be actually used. Gravimetric feeder’s offer more accurate dosing than their volumetric counterparts, and once the required mass has been input, can dispense a consistent dose every time. In addition to the feeder’s performance, the engineer was also impressed by Kubota’s depth of knowledge, engineering prowess and comprehensive service.

Having seen for herself the feeder’s impressive performance on the dosing trial, the employee made a recommendation to company management to purchase Kubota feeders. Management agreed, rating highly the fact that Kubota feeders are already used by others in the industry and Kubota’s excellent service. With production consistency having been achieved, the manufacturer’s laboratory is working on developing processing techniques suited to meat substitutes.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

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