Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Strong Tendency of Material Bridging

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Feeder application example of Titanium Dioxide at plastic compounding company



Using other brand’s gravimetric feeder, however
there are problems of bridging.


Install KUBOTA gravimetric feeder NX-T series
– Able to prevent material bridging in the hopper
– Stable and Accurate Feeding of such a difficult material

Feeding Movie

System Layout


Feeding Main material, Sub-material, Titanium Dioxide, and Additive to Extruder.

Customer Testimonials


A conventional equipment had a problem of material bridging frequently. NX feeder can feed stably for long time without material bridging and increases productivity. The accuracy of feeding is surely correct.

Introduction to that product

Twin Screw Gravimetric Feeder NX-T

Innovative Design Feeder

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