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Solves the Challenges Presented by Rechargeable Battery Manufacture

Rechargeable battery manufacture

Production engineering division

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Summary of the solution

  • Kubota’s CE-R Range offered an airtight construction that prevents leaks.

  • A wide range of optional parts allowed the feeder to be used with a variety of materials.


Kubota’s CE-R Feeder Range is Suitable for Wide Variety of Materials

In the course of gathering information, the employee attended an industry technology seminar, where she heard about a competitor was using a Kubota feeder. She immediately set about contacting a Kubota agent and asked whether they had a feeder ideal for solving her team’s problems.

"I’m pleased that I made inquiries. Kubota told me about the CE-R range, which makes it possible to handle both bridge-prone and flushing-prone materials in a single unit. Many leading international battery and materials manufacturers already use the CE-R. They know what to look for," says the employee

The employee immediately invited Kubota’s marketing representatives and engineers to give a presentation on the CE-R feeder range. The CE-R range of feeders enables the use of attachments to control highly fluid powders, thereby allowing the reliable dispensation of materials that are prone to flushing. The feeders also feature a safer design in which the hopper is attached by a toggle clamp, thereby ensuring airtight operation and preventing leakages. By adding and changing optional attachments, operators can also use feeders in the CE-R range to dispense materials with different properties (such as materials prone to bridging), as well materials that are not especially difficult to handle, all with one unit.

Recognizing the universality of the CE-R range of feeders, which enables them to handle future material changes, the fact that Kubota is already well known in the chemical industry, and the fact that the CE-R range is already used by overseas manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, the manufacturer is currently preparing to install CE-R feeders.

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Case Studies

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