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Upscaling Challenges Prompt Manufacturer's Continuous Process Transition

Rechargeable battery manufacture

Production engineering division

Summary of the solution

  • Kubota gravimetric feeders have an established track record in continuous processing and the rechargeable battery industry.

  • The feeders have a reputation for handling tricky materials that are prone to bridging and flushing.

  • Real-Time monitoring for solving traceability challenges.

  • The feeders are compatible with equipment from any manufacturer.


Feeders Boast Strong Track Record in Battery Industry and Continuous Processes

At the end of his tether, the employee consulted an equipment trader with which his company had dealings. He was referred to salespersons and engineers from Kubota, a company that was experienced in the handling of powders. He found that Kubota’s gravimetric feeders had a solid reputation for measured dosing of the chemicals used in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries, which are bridge- and flush-prone, and that Kubota feeders were already used in continuous production processes in the field. The feeders’ control units offered compatibility with industrial ethernet as standard, allowing the feeders to be monitored in real time and dispelling fears about traceability.

“Mixing equipment has now been released that can be used with continuous processes. Kubota’s gravimetric feeders are also compatible with all brands of equipment, which makes the transition to a continuous process easier. These feeders are compatible with a wide range of materials, and I also felt that they would be able to keep up with the rapid evolution of rechargeable battery technology,“ says the team leader.

After several discussions with Kubota’s experienced staff, the employee decided to commission a test for the precise supply of powdered materials.

“The Kubota's gravimetric feeder handled challenging materials like anode compounds flawlessly during testing. By using Kubota's in-house manufactured digital load cells, it ensures high measurement reliability and precise dosing for various materials. Its minimal malfunctions and outstanding performance make it ideal for continuous mixing processes.“ says the team leader.

In view of the planned transition to continuous production, the employee and his colleagues selected feeders on their existing production line that were old, or prone to breakdowns or bridging, and proposed replacing these units with Kubota’s gravimetric feeders and progressing with a phased implementation strategy.

“We've only just started using the Kubota feeders, and they are performing very well, even on the existing production line. We are now planning to prepare for the transition to continuous processing while receiving advice,“ says the team leader.

Feeling that he had found an advisor he could depend on, the employee was confident that the overhaul of the manufacturing process would be a great success.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

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