Latest Technology in Micro Feeding of Plastic-Additives

●Solutions for powder feeding in micro flow rate

Benefit of Gravimetoric feeder

●Upgrading proposal from Volumetric Feeder

Learn more about gravimetric feeder

● What is Accuracy of Feeder?
● What is Load Cell?
● How to handle Refilling of Material in Gravimetric Feeder
● Liquid Feeders

Feed more difficult materials

●To Resolve Material Flushing
●To Resolve Bridging
●Feeding Trouble Caused by Characteristics of Material

Feed materials with higher acuuracy

●What is Accuracy of Feeder?
●Feeder Mount Frame
●Troubles by Outside Influence
●Classification of Powder
●Screw Types and Characteristic for Gravimetric Feeder

Feed materials in severe field environment

●Food Industry Application
●Explosion Proof Zone Category and Dust Explosion Proof

Learn more about characteristics of materials

●What is Feeder?
●Characteristics of material
●Classification of Powder
●Feeding Trouble Caused by Characteristics of material

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